Strengthen your leadership culture for greatest impact

Tailwind is a modular leadership development curriculum designed for teams or groups within an organization, church, business, or small group. Our first four modules focus on a leader's self-awareness, spiritual practices, listening well to lead well, and interpersonal conflict resolution and peacemaking.

We believe your participation in Tailwind will strengthen the leadership culture within your context, and help your leaders grow in character and develop their skills for greatest impact.

A community-based leadership development course for groups of four or more

Each module lasts 10 weeks and requires two hours time commitment each week. The training combines both personal study and live interaction as a cohort.

Modules 1, 2, and 3 are best taken in order. Additional modules are interchangeable. All modules are offered each quarter, so your group may choose the rate of completion. Internet access required.

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Field tested

Tailwind was developed by International Teams as an innovative, online training program for leaders strategically positioned around the world. We believe that by investing in our leaders, they’ll grow in effectiveness, lead stronger teams, and have greater impact in seeing communities transformed.

Self-guided learning to correspond to your needs as a leader

The teaching offered is foundational for all leaders. We recognize that there are varying levels of experience and knowledge represented in each group. The content and questions are formed to allow for self-guided learning to correspond to your needs as a leader.

Blended, adult learning that responds to multiple learning styles

We take a blended approach to learning and integrate the following key components: spiritual formation, Biblical practices, adult interactive education, and creative arts.

Build your leadership community with a community-driven approach to learning

One strength of this program is our approach to peer learning. Like-minded leaders come together to learn from each other and wrestle with leadership challenges. The course leverages community within teams and groups, and builds and deepens those relationships for maximum effectiveness.

Results you can anticipate

Your leaders will be equipped with practical tools for the trust-building process, including greater awareness of their own leadership tendencies, development of effective character-building foundations, and application of listening skills that leads to healthier teams.

You'll develop an authentic community of peer-learning that allows leaders to wrestle with leadership challenges together.

You'll foster a commitment to life-long learning as leaders, that will extend beyond formal leadership training courses, and will contribute to a leadership culture.

Learn what's covered in the modules

What's the cost to enroll?

One module at a time

$99 / MODULE
$49 / MODULE (partner rate)

First three modules together

$250 flat rate PACKAGE (first 3 modules)
$125 flat rate PACKAGE (first 3 modules, partner rate)

* for more information about our partner rate, please contact us.

When can I enroll?

We offer flexible timeframes to suit the needs of your team

Start a conversation about your team or organization's leadership development needs by filling in the short form below, or by contacting Anna Pavey.

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